DESI SHIPPING SERVICES SRL can organise and manage logistics systems capable of handling and storing any type of goods:


Ship and truck services

In a globalised world which is constantly evolving, we realise that our clients need to quickly respond to changes in the market and increase or reduce their inventory levels.

Our goods storage and handling capabilities can offer the right solution for your needs. We assure you that your goods are very well looked after in our warehouse, and handled as efficiently as possible. We provide industry-specific storage solutions tailored to the needs of both the product and the market. Our warehouse services include:

  • Incoming goods management (Incoming goods --- Our inbound services include unloading, palletising, qualitative and quantitative checks, serial number management, and optimised storage. Using the latest warehouse management systems we are able to ensure full control over the inventory and offer our customers maximum visibility.);
  • Conservation and storage (Our storage services allow us to trace products in the warehouse both when they are withdrawn and via periodic and perpetual inventories, letting us monitor and track product stock levels at any moment. This ensures the traceability of the product and allows the periodic and perpetual inventories to be reconciled easily.);
  • Outgoing goods management (Our outbound services include a wide range of different warehouse management techniques, such as: First Expire First Out (FEFO), Last In First Out (LIFO), and First In First Out (FIFO). We process your sales orders using a dynamic withdrawal method, consolidating your shipments. We check the accuracy of the orders, packages and shipping labels. ).

Freight management

Logistics shipping

We will find the best solution for you in terms of delivery time, quality and cost. We take care of planning, carrying out and managing all shipping operations. Regardless of size, weight and destination, we select the most favourable shipping solution using the freight management module. Our reliable Track & Trace system allows you to follow the shipment all the way from pick-up to final delivery. The modes of transport used are: parcels, full container loads, rush delivery shipments, groupage, air freight and sea freight.


Shipping management includes:


Order management (To put in place and optimise your distribution network, we carry out an in-depth analysis of the orders placed. Using advanced simulation tools, we can suggest the most appropriate solution for your supply chain. We respond to your needs, providing analysis and helping you to assess opportunities and/or identify potential savings.);


Planning and tracking the shipment (Depending on your business and needs, we choose the best carrier or use your existing one, according to your preferences.) We use our buying power to negotiate better rates and ensure that your business is capable and competitive. After selecting a carrier, we analyse their experience and reliability every day using key performance indicators (KPI);


Performance reporting (We offer all types of reports: KPI reporting (quality and cost), business intelligence (BI) reporting, reporting on trends in freight volumes, shipment sizes and types of shipments. Our management reporting services also include surveys to measure customer expectations in terms of delivery services).



In addition to our core products, we offer a wide range of value-added services. Our skilled and efficient teams design value-added services based on your requests.


Here are some of our integrated services:

  •  Installation and assembly;
  • Packaging and repackaging (Depending on your needs, we can replace product packaging. The tasks we can take care of include: repackaging damaged boxes, packing in new boxes or cartons, or in specific packaging in the language requested by the client (for specific countries);

Repairs and labelling;

Consulting (Our team can study supply chain data and produce a thorough analysis highlighting potential malfunctions. Once these have been identified, we evaluate the possible alternatives to optimise your supply chain. To help you enter new markets, we provide legal, customs and financial advice to guarantee that the correct bureaucratic and distribution processes are followed.

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