Cold chain management

Cold chain management

Desi Shipping Services Srl offers a careful and precise refrigerated shipping service which guarantees constant temperature control using the latest technologies: special devices detect the temperature and send alerts in case of unwanted variations.

The goods are stored at a stable temperature, that is to say with only very minor variations, from loading through to unloading.


Our temperature-controlled logistics service is available for both sea and land shipments.

The pace of today's market demands ever-quicker transit times, but with total reliability guaranteed. With our Full Truck Load Fresh service, Desi Shipping Services can offer its customers vehicles equipped for any kind of full load temperature-controlled shipment, ensuring

guaranteed punctuality and delivery 24 hours a day, changing drivers where necessary for an express service

total flexibility, with same day deliveries 365 days a year

'just in time' shipping with customised supply solutions

vehicles equipped with low environmental impact technology

state of the art semitrailers with temperature recorders/printers, for continuous temperature monitoring throughout the shipment

Controlled temperatures to keep your products fresh

Our temperature-sensitive vehicles allow for the safe and timely delivery of various types of goods, always maintaining the cold chain. Our fleet is constantly modernised to bring it in line with European regulations on environmental protection, with the aim of minimising our environmental impact. After each shipment, our temperature-controlled semitrailers are subjected to a thorough cleaning process using ecological detergents. Goods are separated by type and temperature, in full compliance with the relevant health regulations.

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