Dangerous goods

The ADR is a European Agreement, adopted in Geneva in 1957, concerning the INTERNATIONAL CARRIAGE OF DANGEROUS GOODS BY ROAD. The abbreviation ADR derives from 'European Agreement concerning the international carriage of Dangerous goods by Road'. A special European Commission set up by the UN updates the technical annex periodically (currently every two years). The annex details the specific provisions for road transport, mainly concerning: classification of goods; construction methods of packaging, tanks and containers; characteristics of the vehicle and its fittings; staff training; specific obligations relating to loading, unloading and handling.

Desi Shipping has a dedicated team who can:


  • Analyse, collect, and pack the material in approved packaging;
  • Label the packages based on in-depth knowledge of the laws regulating dangerous goods;
  • Quickly prepare and complete the Shipper's Declaration;
  • Speed ​​up the checking process, and get an immediate response regarding the acceptance and confirmation of the booking through a well-established direct relationship with transport companies.


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