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Desi Shipping Services Srl

Desi Shipping Services Srl was founded in 1999 by long-standing sea captain Giuseppe De Simone. The combination of his experience with constant innovation and the latest technology allows us to offer a complete package in the field of shipping and logistics, for both imports and exports.


Fast - flexible - professional and helpful: we help you find the best solution for your transport needs by analysing timelines and prices.


We take your needs into account and offer you our experience and know-how, providing constant updates and rapidly resolving any issues relating to sea and air shipments.

Our Mission

Our Mission

to grow alongside our customers, becoming a key player in their supply chain and commercial dealings.

  • transparency and fairness are the cornerstones of our business, in order for us to establish a true long-term partnership with our clients.
  • the volumes and economies of scale of a large business, while maintaining the flexibility and proactivity of a small business.


Our challenges for the future:


  • Expand our integrated global network.
  • Aim to use the most advanced technologies available.
  • Maintain our staff's motivation and commitment.
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